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Chapter 0


Translated Title

I Like You, Shinagawa

English Title

Because I Like You, Shinagawa!!

Volume Prologue
Japanese Release

May 6,2008

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Because I Like You, Shinagawa!!! is the prologue of Miki Yoshikawa's Yankee-kun to Megane-chan.

Daichiis a high school delinquent who just wants to be left alone.However, class rep Hana will stop at nothing to get him to go on the upcoming Social Studies field trip. What are her true motives behind getting a yankee like Shinagawa to go on such a thing?


The teacher asks Daichi that if he has been studying and warns him that if he fails, he will give lessons during summer. Daichi leaves and enters the restroom, when opening a door, he finds Hana studying in the boys toilet. She tells him that the final exam is tomorrow and she needs him to teach her how to study. But Daichi can't stop shouting about seeing her in the mens' room.

"ECKS" is "X"

Daichi declines the request and goes to takes his leave. But Hana stops and said she asked some smart people but she needed a delinquent to teach her and that she didn't know the meaning of "ECKS". Daichi clarifies that "ECKS" is "X".

Daichi takes his leave but Hana hits on his face with a book, she called it their secret weapon that she explains she asked evey teacher for a study guide. Daichi uses this opportunity to photocopy it. They went to the library to start with y but Daichi's plans were ruined because Hana had highlighted everything. Daichi scolded her that if she had free time, she should have studied. While Daichi was studying, he stumbled upon Number 12, in which he didn't know.

Number 12

Hana comes with an idea to re-enact why Brutus wanted to kill Ceasar, Daichi played Ceasar and while Hana played Brutus, Hana got a little overboard and accidentally injured Daichi, he forgives her. Hana thanks Daichi that without she may have not finished History. The two smile and they continue to study Biology. Later in the night, the two are found studying. Daichi falls asleep but is woken up by Hana. Then Hana falls asleep and fell down, saying she had a dream of falling down the stairs. But Daichi tells that she can't have a dream when she is awake. The two glare at each other angrily.

Daichi smiles

They continue to study and made a weird bet, YOU SLEEP, YOU DIE. Daichi falls asleep and has a weird dream that Hana said she likes him, he wakes up to see Hana sleeping and doesn't bother to wake her up. He goes out and asks his teacher for a study guide, but the teacher declares and said that would be favourism. Daichi says that he gave Hana, but the teacher says that he can never a student a study guide. Daichi goes back and finds that the question is from Cram School and she did it all because she liked Shinagawa. The following day, a girl mention that Hana and Daichi aren't present and they were found sleeping in the library.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Adachi Hana
  2. Shinagawa Daichi
  3. Unnamed Teacher
  4. Unnamed Student