Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Wiki


These are the list of volumes and chapters of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

Volume 1[]

  • Prolouge 1
  • Prolouge 2
  • 00 It's Because I Like You, Shinagawa-kun
  • 1st Period: Future Plans Survey
  • 2nd Period: Minus 10 Points Equals Repeat
  • 3rd Period: Isn't Everything Yankee-kun's Fault?

Volume 2[]

  • 4th Period: The Meat's Gonna Get Cold!
  • 5th Period: Those Who Have Good Eyesights, Get Outta My Way!
  • 6th Period: Because I Used to be Like That too
  • 7th Period; I wanna Go to the School Festival!
  • 8th Period: Sometimes, I have to Pick Him Up Too
  • 9th Period: In the End, It was All Just a Waste of Time
  • 10th Period: That's Mine
  • 11th Period: If You Wanna Mug Me, then Go Right Ahead
  • 12th Period: But I Didn't Join a Club
  • 13th Period: Happy New 'ear

Volume 3[]

  • 14th Period: There's a Reason for All of This
  • 15th Period: Why are You Eating It?
  • 16th Period: But You're not Sick in the First Place!
  • 17th Period: I'm the one Who Should be Asking
  • 18th Period: This is a Temple.
  • 19th Period: The Owner didn't Train It Properly
  • 20th Period: Quit Making Up
  • 21st Period: What did You Get?
  • 22nd Period: What do You Think of Me?
  • 23rd Period: She;s a Very Nice Girl

Volume 4[]

  • 24th Period: This Time It's a Yankee Girl
  • 25th Period: I Want to be a Better Class Rep
  • 26th Period: Mmmf Mmmf Mmmn
  • 27th Period: My Body's Feeling Much Better Now
  • 28th Period: This is the Universe
  • 29th Period: It's Best If She Focus on her Schoolwork Instead
  • 30th Period: Weak
  • 31st Period: Then Didn't I Do This All for Nothing!?
  • 32nd Period: The Pink Warrior Should Just Shut Up!

Volume 5[]

  • 33rd Period: It Doesn't Look Like It was Made by Human
  • 34th Period: Horrible Two Glasses Man Team
  • 35th Period: Then Stay Under There for All Eternity
  • 36th Period: We'll Deal with You Later
  • 37th Period: Was there a Ceremony Just Now?
  • 38th Period: It Should be a Non-traditional Student
  • 39th Period: I can't Do It as a City Merchant
  • 40th Period: How do 200 G's Sound?
  • 41st Period: Now I can Sell Bananas
  • 42nd Period: Wanna Join our Gang?

Volume 6[]

  • 43rd Period: It Must have been Some Old Guy's Idea
  • 44th Period: Is this Some Sort of a Bad Joke?
  • 45th Period: You Really Piss Me Off!
  • 46th Period: Don't Look Down on the Farsighted
  • 47th Period: These Two are Mine!!
  • 48th Period: All I Want is the Final Payment
  • 49th Period: Teeeeeeeeennn- Hut!
  • 50th Period: I Thought You are Supposed to be a Playboy
  • 51st Period: This Guy's Practically a Housewife
  • Extra: I Don't Have a Mechanical Pencil!!